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Benefits of using Memographics

Personal prints

Developed for Funeral homes

Memographics has made the workdays easier for Funeral homes since 2002.

We were the first to come up with an internet solution for the funeral industry in Norway. Memographics was also the first to set up an online layout and production of memorial books in Norway. Later, we have renewed the design of the service sheets and constantly offer new opportunities with our products. Today, Memographics supplies material to over a third of all funerals in Norway and Sweden.

No agreements and no lock-in period

No installation and no licensing costs

Integrated with the other tools you use

Everything in one place and always up to date

Professional quality of design and print

Large selection of templates and products

User-friendly both in the office and on mobile

Saves time and reduces errors

All printed matter for funerals gathered in one place

Everything in one place and always up to date

All content for the funeral is gathered in the project database - whether you upload directly to Memographics or it is downloaded using the integration to your Funeral homes existing administration system. Everything can be sorted and marked so that you get the best possible conditions for utilizing our unique automation for generating print-ready files.

High image quality, easy

In Memographics you get access to tools that give the images significantly higher quality. You can let the system optimize the images or do it manually yourself. You can also save and reuse picture settings - this can be useful for churches and ceremony rooms with special lighting conditions.

User interface - details templates

Templates give good results, fast

With Memographics you get good results faster because the content you select is automatically added to templates. You can choose a template from our extensive selection or use one of your own.Text distribution and typography, image quality and the number of pages - everything is taken care of. All you have to do is select content and template, and your job is done.

Integrations save time and reduce errors

Memographics is already integrated with the Eulogica funeral administration system in the UK. If you would like your own funeral administration system or provider of memorial pages to integrate with Memographics, then please ask them to contact us and we will give them all the information they need to make that happen. Information entered into one system can effortlessly be transferred to the other. You do not have to enter the details again and have the possibility of introducing errors, you just transfer the already checked details.

We support you

Memographics is designed for the funeral arranger themselves to be able to make printed matter. We help you get started and provide user support when you need it. However, if you do not want to create the printed matter yourself, we will do it for you as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a binding period signing up for Memographics?

No. If you want to end the service, you are free to do so whenever you want and as soon as you want.

Does Memographics have an app?

Yes we do. Our free companion app is available for Android and IOS

Who is responsible for getting sample materials to the Funeral home?

We are of course responsible for sample materials to your meeting rooms.

How much does it cost?

The data solution itself has no cost to use, neither does the establishment of your account. You only pay for what you print. Contact us to receive an updated price list.

How do I setup an account with Memographics?

Contact us using e-mail or by phone 0330 1220 899 and we will help you get started

Can I receive training in the system?

Yes! All new customers are offered training. We can take it by phone, video meeting or we can visit you.

Do we need large storage space for files when using Memographics?

No, Memographics is an online system where everything is stored automatically on our servers.

Try Memographics for free

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