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Memorial book

Create a close and personal memory of the deceased.

A worthy memory

The memorial book is set up by the Funeral Home in consultation with the bereaved. It is easily ordered on our website.

In the memorial book it is common to include:

  • Condolences

  • Greetings

  • Memory speech

  • The obituary

  • Own texts and pictures

  • Pictures from the funeral

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I as a private person order from Memographics?

No, you can not, but there are many Funeral homes in the United Kingdom that are customers of us. Please contact your local Funeral home and see if they use us, if not, ask them to contact us and we can set up an account for them.

Do we need large storage space for files when using Memographics?

No, Memographics is an online system where everything is stored automatically on our servers.

Does Memographics have an app?

Yes we do. Our free companion app is available for Android and IOS

Can I receive training in the system?

Yes! All new customers are offered training. We can take it by phone, video meeting or we can visit you.

I need support. How do I proceed?

Our support is free and available to all our customers. You can contact us at, 0330 1220 899, or you can use chat when you are logged in to the portal.

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